About Us

ST Glass Aluminium consistently combines cutting-edge technologies and quality workmanship to meet strict standards in terms of safety, acoustic, energy, environment, high performance, and security specifications. We constantly strive to deliver innovative and excellent products aimed only to benefit our customers and their homes.

ST Glass Aluminium engages in all glass and aluminum manufacturing works ranging from tiny spaces to expansive settings. Our professional team is committed to continuing the high levels of products and services that the company is known for - Driven to always go forward!
Our Vision
We aim to be in the forefront in supplying world-class glass and aluminium products nationwide.

Our Mission
ST Glass Aluminum believes in innovation; pushing the boundaries of design and functionality. We strive to provide expert advice and installations that exceed expectations through our commitment to achieve excellence.
Core Values


At ST Glass Aluminium, strongly believes that most companies are known for their quality but ST Glass Aluminium consistently maintain the highest quality and workmanship standards by regularly following and reviewing our stringent set of quality assurance procedures.


We consistently maintain strong professional ethics and integrity as part of our business foundation. We conduct all our services with high levels of honesty, passion, and respect.


We promote outstanding services and commitments to our clients to produce flawless execution and delivery as we uphold the highest standards of excellence and commit to continuous improvement.